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Having been born in the Texas Hill Country was a fortunate circumstance for a young man who enjoyed God’s creation. Those limestone hills held much mystique and beauty. It wasn’t hard to hear the Indian yells and imagine the history of the area. The beautiful full moon rising above the strong, sturdy oaks belied its ancient terror. It was the Comanche Moon which was so pleasant to look at, but at the same time under the moons watchful eye, many horrific acts were enacted upon the first settlers who had the audacity to intrude into the land belonging to the various Indian tribes.

As a youngster I heard the stories of the old timers, and my youthful imagination could hardly contain itself. After graduating from HS I headed for points west. In mighty Big Bend region of Texas was a small college named after a famous Texas Ranger, and I loved the wide open spaces with real mountains. If one really wanted adventure just travel to the Rio Grande region where it was still "root hog or die".

College was good and shortly after graduation I requested to be a teacher at Dripping Springs ISD. Teaching history was up my alley. Teaching was one of the most enjoyable things I ever did. The administration was supportive, parents knew the value of an education, and the students challenged one to be the best one could be. For ten years it was more fun than I could have ever imagined, but it got to the point where a decision had to be made. Make a career of it or move on. The allure of owning my own business, and being master of my own destiny was strong. The decision was made. Leave teaching and "be my own boss".

At that time, Dripping Springs was a small town within the shadow of metropolitan Austin, Texas. We had elementary school and secondary education all one campus with two separate buildings. Dripping Springs had to grocery stores, and one of them I purchased from a good friend, and began an enterprise of self-employment. After purchasing the grocery store, the chance to purchase the hardware store presented itself, and it was a natural progression. Dripping Springs was a "dry" community, but just six miles to the north was Travis County in the midst of a goat pasture. I put in a store called "Crow’s Country Corner", and we were the last store before Hamilton’s Pool, a beautiful recreation area in the wilds of the hill country. It was a little store because it was a gamble and on Mother’s Day of 1982 I was burned out. Well, my second structure was much larger and we did our best to build so the arsonists could not get to us this time. Life was challenging and fun, and so I started a second newspaper in Dripping Springs, "The Springer", it was probably the most fun a person could have. I was as busy as that proverbial one armed paper hanger.

Well, that all came to a screeching halt in the depression of 1986 or so. It pounded my little head into the dust. Things were tough on many fronts and I decided to move west young man, move west. Selling everything and purchasing a ranch in Maes, New Mexico. I was in the ranching business in Texas, but this was a whole different program. It was fun and gave many experiences that I will treasure all my life. Around 2000 I had heart surgery and that once again changed the "program". Going from a country mouse to a city mouse.

As a city mouse, the cheese had moved again. My wife, Dolly, and I started an insurance agency and then Rocky Mountain Real Estate. Ever since we have been busy trying to be of service to our customers and clients.

We have been in the "people" business for many years, and now we look forward to the Bed and Breakfast. We like to work with people and enjoy sharing with other people. It is our intent to help people enjoy this special town and its "flavor" which is unique. We welcome your visit and hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable one and an educational one.

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